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Terms and Conditions

By Ewriter

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Chapter: Terms and Conditions for use of Ewriter

App Content

Ewriter is an elearning and writing platform. This app allows for users to create content, that is then viewed by others. Ewriter is designed typically for education content creation, for both school and tertiary. Content can also include novels, fiction or non-fiction etc. 

Any inappropriate content will be removed, and your account may be closed. Ewriter does not allow any racism, pornographic content, inappropriate images, propaganda, fake news, etc.
It is expected that content creators will honour and respect that the Ewriter app is an online tool, designed to express one’s beautiful creativity in an acceptable and satisfactory manner. 

Intellectual property must be respected and honoured. Content creators may provide links to other sites such as YouTube and Wikipedia, etc. as long as copyrights are not violated. Always check.

Please respect the copyright of other user’s content, such as YouTube videos, music, images, or any other copyrighted content.

Please check copyright restrictions on any images / videos / content you upload. Best to use your own images / videos / content. 
You can use images from genuine free image websites such as, but still check.

Please check carefully.
You will be held liable to pay costs for any copyright infringements to Ewriter (Pty) Ltd and /or others.

Your privacy is extremely important to us.
We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy.

User-submitted data
You would notice that should you register, there is very little information that is actually needed. You need your email address and you have to create a password. That is all that is required to validate your account. 
Under no circumstances will your email address, be shared or sold to anyone. 

We also do not collect any other personal data about you at all via your interactions with Ewriter.

Stats that is available to you as well, would be for example, the number of books you have written or number of tutorials etc.

The ONLY analytics software is that of Google itself called Google Analytics. This provides us with general information about the app usage, and nothing about you.


  1. EWriter (Pty) Ltd will not take any responsibility for loss of content that you upload. You are advised to keep backups.
  2. Any content that you upload remains yours. EWriter (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for any inaccurate content that you may upload.
  3. Please ensure that you do not infringe on any other person’s copyright over any material that you use. EWriter (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements.
  4. Please do not impersonate any other person with regard to Author Names.
  5. EWriter (Pty) Ltd does not endorse any of the content on the website.
  6. Should you wish to sell any of your content, then this process is subjected to normal laws of sales such as VAT and other taxes that may be relevant. Payout to you for sales will only be done in the month after the sales. You can monitor sales from your login.
  7. EWriter (Pty) Ltd cannot be held responsible for downtime on the website. This can happen for various reasons such as load shedding, maintenance. Routine maintenance is usually undertaken late at night to minimise interruptions.
  8. The EWriter (Pty) Ltd website is protected by local and international laws. You may not attempt to reverse engineer this website.

You may contact us on

Updates to Policy
This policy may be updated from time to time in order to remain compliant with all regulations.